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Shimano Stella SWB now Available

6 Jul 2013 11:11 AM - The much anticipated Stella SWB has arrived!

The news that Shimano Japan was set to release a new range of Stella reels was hot news on Social media earlier in the year as news hit the streets of this exciting new range before Shimano Australia had officially notiified retailers and the public.

Here's what Shimano has to say of the range.

"The dreams of catching blue marlin, tuna and Giant Trevallys on spinning reels is now accomplishable thanks to the new generation in Stella. 

So enjoy fishing with the latest in fishing technology that will have you chasing those once unattainable records with a spinning reel. For records were made to be broken.

Never before could we honestly expect to be able to fish a Spinning reel with 15kg or 24kg monofilament line on Marlin, Tuna and other pelagic species and set IGFA records. Now you can. The SW reels can be used with Power pro braided line or Mono line.
Shimano’s new Stella SW contains features and line capacities that have simply not been seen in any other spinning reel. The expansion and combination of Shimano’s X technologies has seen the Stella’s drag pressure greatly improved, the strength in the body has been maximised with extreme rigidity, water resistance has been dramatically increased and cranking power has been taken to a whole new level.

There are 13 reels in the lineup, with the option of higher speed or more low down grunt, depending on the fishing technique or the target species. So whether flicking Squidgies around for snapper, or going toe-to-toe with something that has ‘giant’ or ‘blue’ or ‘tooth’ in its name, there’s only one choice and that’s a Stella."

What was most exciting to the fishing public was the news that Shimano had released a size that would set the new benchmark in XOS spin reels. The 30000 Stella SWB has the strength and capacity to chase both Marlin and large Tuna even when used with mono lines. Pack it with heavy braid and you have a reel that has the ability to throw a large stickbait, popper or livebait a long way and then the line capacity to handle the world's biggest pelagics.

While the older model reels have been a favourite for many years the team at Shimano knew they needed to do more than change the cosmetic appeal of the reel to impress their followers. So this new range of reels has

- Thicker main gear, about 138% more durable than old model

- Is Waterproof

- Has a new seal between the rotor & body

- 8000 and up have a large diameter drag stack in the base of the spool

- Micro adjustable drag from minimum to maximum

- Longer lasting drag system

- Aluminum Body with Alloy Rigid Rotor

- Large diameter Bail Arm

- X-Ship gear drive

While looks are subjective everyone we have spoken to also loves the look of the new range.

Currently we are stocking 4 sizes in the new range. Click the links below to order your today

Stella 10000 SWB PG

Stella 14000 SWB XG

Stella 20000 SWB PG

Stella 30000 SWB

Comments: 10


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