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Product Review - Yakamito Devil Edge 60

13 Mar 2018 3:38 PM - In stock for less than two weeks and already getting the locals excited
Yakamito Devil Edge 60

One of the great perks to working in the retail tackle trade is seeing new and exciting gear coming into the store. When that gear gets you excited enough to plan an immediate trip to test the product you know it's something special.

That was the way it was when the boys opened the first carton of the new Yakamito Devil Edge 60 lure. Given my favourite trout lure at present is the Yakamito Slim Minnow my ears pricked up quick smart when I heard the 'oohs' and 'aahs' from the staff when the seal was cracked on that first box.
At 60mm long this lure is small enough for the likes of bream and trout but bulky enough to still get the attention of bass and EP's.......or sooties and JPs up north. And so I sent a text to the better half suggesting a quick trip to East Gippsland followed by a call to a mate in Sydney to see if he'd care to drive down and meet us for a session.
The river we decided to hit is one we know has a healthy population of bass as well as a mix of structure that included bankside and mid stream timber snags. Long stands of reeds, deep and shallow pools and some rock walls that could be natural although some are definitely man made.

The results certainly made the trip worthwhile with an assortment of bass taken through the day from low 20s to low 40s......that's cm for those new to bass fishing.
What was the standout attribute of the Devil Edge 60 was the way it could be worked through timber with only the occasional hang up. Once we realised how deep we could effectively fish this lure amongst the timber things really clicked for me.

If the leader or line cut across the timber first you could feel an increase in pressure through the reel and be ready for the lure to impact the snag. When it did a short pause of the retrieve would have it float up out of harms way before a continuation of the retrieve had it diving back into the depths. If the lure struck first then most of the time it just ticked through the timber without hanging up.

That's a massive plus when chasing fish where strikes are often a territorial response not purely hunger.
Imagine for a second you're at home on a hot day, air conditioner is on and you've got the feet up watching the cricket. Now if an intruder ran through your front yard you probably wouldn't know it had happened and even if you did you most likely wouldn't budge from your comfy spot in front of the idiot box.

Now imagine you're in the same situation and an intruder stands looking through your front door at the TV for a minute and then slowly walks away. Now you might do something. You might get up, you might not.......a lot would probably come down to where the cricket game was up to or how much you even care for the game.

Walking the Devil Edge 60 through these snags was akin to that intruder walking right into the kitchen, helping himself to a cold beer and taking a spot on the couch right next you. There's not a person alive that could not react to that........and native fish like our iconic Aussie bass are no different. It all came down to knowing where the kitchen was.
I'm looking forward to using these a lot in the coming year and can't wait to start racking up a long list of species on them. A return trip to East Gippsland is already in the planning. I only wish I'd had them to swim through some deep pools on a recent trip to NZ's South Island.

Good Luck, I hope you like them as much as I do.

Chris Baty