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Lake Murray PNG - Trip Report

24 May 2015 10:05 AM - Customer Rob Sturzaker reports on his May '15 trip to Lake Murray PNG
Helping traveling anglers is one of our specialities and it's always great to get feedback on their return. 

Lake Murray has only been open to fishing for the past two seasons and seems to be the pick of locations for catching big Black Bass and XOS Barra. If you're looking for a new adventure fishing location then this is certainly one to add to your "Must GO!" list.
This is what Rob had to say on his return.

"The northern rivers were muddy and water levels were high which limited our options.

Two days were spent exploring the north which yielded few fish.

The southern rivers the Herbert and Strickland were in similar condition but the guides found us some clearer water draining from some of the big swamps.

In clearer conditions the bass were ferocious and the Barra enormous. Even having caught BB before it was a shock just how hard they strike and the ‘knock down drag em out’ style of response needed to get them to the net.

 Fish count 55 black bass to 34 lbs and 6 Barra to 130 cms."

Helping traveling anglers is one of our specialities so if you are looking for the "right" gear for your next big trip or just want to chat about possibly locations please get in touch.
Lake Murray trips can be booked through Angling Adventures in Geelong, contact them via ph: +613 52217108 or email:  [email protected]