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Cranka Crabs Available Soon

7 Aug 2013 10:29 AM - That's right, the award winning Cranka Crabs are due in September

It's been a hard road for Crankas Steve Steer. After taking the award for "Best New Hard Bodied Lure" at the 2012 AFTA show Steve was plagued by production issues that have held these lures up for nearly 12 months now.

To his credit though Steve has seen this through and should be applauded as he gets ready to take delivery of the the first shipment of these awesome lures.

The 2012 AFTA show was a buzz with talk of this great little crab imitation that was set to be a game changer for the Bream scene. Just 18mm across the shell with a natural slow sink rate and looking realistic enough to fool plenty of retailers at the show this crab imitation is set to really reek havoc on bream right across the country.

Anywhere there are crabs (and that's pretty much everywhere) these lures will work. While their target audience is certainly bream anglers there's a whole world of options for the thinking angler; think fussy pinkies and whiting down south; grunter, golden trevally and small jacks up north; even salmon, bream and dart in the surf.


These lures look, feel, sink and move like the real thing. Surely there hasn't been a crab imitation even close to it before.


Our first shipment of these lures is set to arrive in early September and we are taking pre-orders now as we think they will sell out very quickly.

If you're the kind of angler that likes to be ahead of the game and always after something new to try then these are for you.

We are taking Pre-Orders for these lures now at $19.95


  • 18mm across the shell
  • Floating claw
  • 2 interchangable tungsten base plates 
  • 4.4 or 6.6 grams
  • Natural slow crab sink rate
  • Tough, stretchy replaceable legs


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