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45mm Church Mouse by Paul Kneller

3 Jan 2018 10:18 AM - There's no stopping the man, check out his latest creation.
The Church Mouse is the latest offering from Paul Kneller and is another absolute cracker. Locally this will be a winner for trout, bream, ep and bass and will be a must for any serious angler or lure collector.
  • Length - 45mm
  • Weight - 4g
  • Surface Paddler
  • Felt Flocked natural finish
  • Leather Tail
  • Double hook can easily be set hook point up or down without the need for split ring pliers.

These lures have a unique finish called Felt Flock. This process leaves the lure with a furry finish that replicates a real mouse better than a hard shiny surface and give the lure a softer 'footprint' in the water.

The Church Mouse comes fitted with a double hook facing down. The hook pointing away from the body like this will give a better hookup if the lure is hit on the move. If you are in snaggy country, fishing ultra shallow water or above weed beds the hook can quickly be flipped over so that it points upwards creating a much more snag resistant offering.