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Lunker City Texposer Hook (5pk)

The unique shape of the Texposer worm hook has made it a favourite of our staff for almost 2 decades especially when used in conjunction with the Lunker City Slug-Go and Salad Spoon. The unique shape of this hook makes rigging plastics straight on the hook much easier than all other models. 

Here's what Lunker City have to say about them:

"Professional grade quality all the way, including an incredible chemically sharpened, needle point hook, perfect size barb and "slippery slick" black nickel finish to penetrate effortlessly.  

The unique computer designed angles and shape set the Texposer apart and keep the hook point from backing out. The "Vertical Gap Bend" between the shank and the point keeps your stick bait from walking down the bend and helps it stay rigged straight. Extra long point is a feature that helps the penetration track a insert deeper for less shake offs."

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