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Cranka Crab - 50mm

The Cranka Crab certainly made the tackle trade take notice at the 2012 AFTA show and took out the industry award for "Best New Hard Lure".

There was hardly a retailer at the show that wasn't talking about this great new crab imitation from Cranka. Let's face it, if you're a bream angler..........and who isn't these days.......this lure is a game changer.

These lures look, feel, sink and move like the real thing. Surely there hasn't been a crab imitation even close to it before.

  • 50mm total width
  • 18mm across the shell
  • Floating claws
  • Natural slow crab sink rate
  • Tough, stretchy replaceable legs
  • Available in 2 sizes - Light 3.9g & Heavy 5.9g
  • Fitted with Decoy #14 Y-S25 Trebles


Price: AUD $21.95

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