Kneller Lures - Filthy Vermin 115 PDJ

The Filthy Vermin 115 is the latest offering from Paul Kneller and is aimed squarely at the Cod angler wanting to chase a surface bite
  • Length -115mm
  • Surface Paddler
  • Felt Flocked natural finish
  • Jointed body
  • Leather Tail
  • Available in 4 fantastic colours
  • Twin Double hooks can easily be set hook point up or down without the need for split ring pliers.
These lures have a unique finish called Felt Flock. This process leaves the lure with a furry finish that replicates a real mouse better than a hard shiny surface and gives the lure a softer 'footprint' in the water.

The Filthy Vermin comes fitted with twin double hooks facing down. The hooks pointing away from the body like this will give the best hookup if the lure is hit on the move. If you are in snaggy country, fishing ultra shallow water or above weed beds the hooks can quickly be flipped over so that they point upwards creating a more snag resistant offering.

Paul Kneller is a household name in the Australian timber lure scene and his Deception range of lures from the '90s fetch some ridiculous prices on ebay these days by both collectors and die hard fans trying to get these great fish catching lures.

Fortunately for the angling community Paul has started making lures again under the Kneller Lure banner and we are fortunate enough to be one of only a handful of retail outlets that he is supplying.
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