Baitrunner Style Reels

Bait fishing? For a long time a proven method when using bait to catch fish has been to free spool the bait to the fish so it couldn't feel any resistance when picking up the bait.

This was achieved by either fishing with an bail arm open or backing the drag right off. The problem the open bail arm was that tripping it back over to set the hook could be a problem with a fast running fish. With having the drag set light the problem was trying to increase it quick enough to set the hook before the fish felt any resistance and dropped the bait.  

The Baitrunner reel from Shimano revolutionised this technique by offering a second, lighter drag or Baitrunner that could be adjusted to allow a fish to take the bait unawares and all you have to do is wind the handle to re-engage the drag to set the hook and catch your fish. Today there are many other reels that have similar systems; freespooler, baitfeeder and liveliner to name just a few. So if setting baits for wary feeders like bream, snapper or mulloway is your cup of tea then this is the section that you'll find your next reel.