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Shimano TLD 2SP 30A

The TLD two-speed range has always been the “go-to” range for game fishing anglers requiring guaranteed reliability and the benefits of reduced weight from a graphite-framed reel. The composite frame material is new, and there have been a few cosmetic changes to give these reliable workhorse reels a more modern look. Tolerances have been tightened even further, which is especially beneficial to anglers who might use braided lines on them. 

The handles on the 20 and 30 game reels are now the same as those found on Shimano’s premium performance Tiagra and Torsa light overheads, while chrome plated brass handle shanks and large oversize handles (the same design as used on the big Tiagra’s) give the 50 and 50LRS real cranking power and prevents annoying hand cramp during long fights. 

The 20 and 30 holds 640 metres and 731 metres of 9kg nylon monofilament respectively, while the 50 and 50LRS holds 640 metres of 23kg and 402 metres of 36kg respectively. Gear ratios for the 20A and 30A are 4:1 and 1.7:1 (high and low) and 3.5:1 and 1.4:1 for the 50 and 50LRS. 


  • Graphite Frame
  • Graphite Sideplate
  • Aluminium Spool
  • Ergonomic Power Handle (2011A & 3011A only)
  • Offset Ergonomic Power Grip (5011 & 5011LRSA only)
Product CodeMono Cap. (kg/m)Capacity Power ProGear RatioRetrieve Per Crank cmBearingsDrag PowerDrag TypeWeight
TLD2SP20A9/64050/7504.0:1, 1.7:194/41    4   14LD1026
TLD2SP30A9/73165/9304.0:1, 1.7:194/41    4   15LD1064
TLD2SP50A23/64080/10053.5:1, 1.4:197/38    4   17LD1624
TYR2SP50LRS23/640100/8504.0:1, 1.5:1112/41    4   19LD1625


Price: AUD $339.95