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Richter Soft Grassy 8"

Without a doubt, the Richter Soft Grassy is my secret weapon of choice for targeting billfish. I’ve had success with every position on the spread, however the long corner is always my favourite. My best results have been running them between 8 and 9 knots, however don’t be scared to crank up the speed a little. These lures hold remarkably well. I’ve even hooked sailfish and marlin around the 14 knot mark whilst travelling between different locations. The proportions of the lure, colour ranges available, matched with the softhead design drive billfish crazy. Make sure you run at least one in your spread and you’ll see the results for yourself - Steve Palumbo.

Recommended Usage & Rigging

Boat Speed8 - 10kn
Line Class10 - 24kg
Leader Strength150 - 200lb
Hook Size8/0
Lure Weight40g
Price: AUD $24.95

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