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Innovator Nitro Voodoo

Finally, a concept rod designed with a specific purpose - Snapper fishing with soft-plastics and lures. This increasingly popular form of fishing is gaining new devotees each season, so we thought it appropriate to design a rod purpose-built for the task. The Voodoo has undergone rigorous field-testing in Snapper environment throughout Australia, fishing a variety of soft-plastics and more recently the highly successful bladed vibration lures, and hefting some heavy ‘Reds’ along the way.  But don’t let Snapper blind you to the Voodoo’s potential; since its addition to the Nitro line-up, the Voodoo has been put to serious use by lure anglers targeting Murray Cod, Yellowbelly and Bass.







3-5 kg
10-28 g


Price: AUD $329.95