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Braid - Samurai Power Play Rod Belt

Built to match up to 130-pound tackle this is the belt for those wanting to push their gear to the limit. Think swordfish, barrel SBTs and yellowfin or heavy tackle standup to Marlin.

Samurai Power Play Rod Belt can handle demanding conditions of offshore big game fishing, it features a gimbal pin which rests below the plate surface to allow the rod to set deeper into the belt.

Two slots allow for the housing of cutting pliers (not included).

Individual backing pads are contoured inward, virtually eliminating the belt from moving from side to side.

All belts feature easy adjustable side straps with space-age materials that will last a lifetime.

The Braid ā€˜Vā€™ shape design draws the rod butt right to the fighting position ā€“ gimbal or Uni-butt.

What Chris Baty has to say.

"I've used Braid belts and harnesses throughout my gamefishing career so when the time came to decide on a set-up for standup fishing 60kg tackle for the giant bluefin tuna of Prince Edward Island the Samurai Powerplay Belt and Harness were the obvious choice. The adjustability of it, the extra thick contoured padding for the thigh and rugged construction made it an easy choice. I'm also fond of wide belts so when I'm moving around after a fish there's less chance of the pad slipping off my thighs and between my legs and this particular belt fit the bill here too.

Fighting 3 fish to over 400kg meant I really got to see how this belt would perform and it was flawless. Once the rod was seated on the gimbal pin it felt secure and stayed in place. Fight times of up to an hour pushing 20 to 30kg of drag gave me ample time to get a feel for the belt and I know that if I could have handled more drag the belt would have too.

Price: AUD $299.95